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Rugby Is Life

5 Ways Rugby Sets You Up For Life.

  • You have to plan ahead. In grueling practices and championship games, having a plan is key. Staying ahead of the curve is the only way to get the golden point and beat your competition. In life, having a solid financial plan supports your future successes and helps you reach all your goals. The Penn Mutual team is here to help with that, so you never have to sweat the small stuff.

  • The team comes first. Without the support of your teammates, nothing is possible on the pitch. The forwards, the halfbacks, the wingsa you all work together to win the match. But this also rings true in life. Having encouragement from friends and family makes every obstacle easier. So, keep that team mentality with you because everything you do is for them, too.

  • Hard work helps you triumph. Someone once said, “Hard work beats talent when talent isn’t willing to work hard.” And it’s true: No matter the outcome, you can always get back in the scrum if you’re willing to work for it. Make your work ethic a top priority, so when life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade.

  • It takes dedicated leadership. In all of the big and small moments, a powerful coach always leads you over the try line, taking your places you never thought you could get in. At Penn Mutual, we make sure all of your hard work and planning doesn’t go unnoticed. We are here to lead you down the pitch for more secure, profitable future.

  • Have Fun! Don’t take yourself so seriously. Love for the sport will always be the thing you remember from your time playing rugby.

And Remember, life as a game, enjoy it.

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