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Our Process

21st Century Financial is a company that is committed to helping meet the needs of individuals and businesses who are looking to build financial stability.

Our highly trained and licensed team of financial professionals work closely with you to achieve your goals; whether that means planning for future retirement, navigating the right insurance plan for your family, investing in assets to build a nest egg, or helping to guide the conversation towards learning more about your finances.

Listening to our clients is a top priority when assisting you with shaping your financial world. We work closely with you to develop a tailored financial strategy that can adjust to your goals and ever-changing circumstances

We understand that your money is a personal subject that requires you to choose someone you can trust for advice.

Our commitment is to earn that trust by providing exceptional service, listening to your objectives, and utilizing an effective strategy that puts the focus on protecting your hard-earned assets, saving to build your future for yourself and your family, and growing your money to build wealth.

21st Century Financial uses a 3-phase strategy (Building, Enjoyment, and Preservation) to help you get where you need to go.

Please take a moment to watch the video that outlines how our process is unique.

Wealth Building

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Wealth Enjoyment

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Wealth Preservation

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Wealth Building

In this phase, you are actively earning income in order to meet your current and future needs.

This is a period of time where it is vitally important to think about how you can protect your important assets, through life insurance, home/auto insurance, wills, trusts, pensions, and disability insurance. It is also important to discuss savings plans with your financial professional to help you in building a nest egg and protecting against unanticipated expenses.

Wealth Accumulation

You are bound to encounter some challenges in this phase which can interfere and erode the income you need to build up your wealth. Some of the challenges you might face include:

  • Debt
  • Increase in taxes
  • Low-income flow
  • Inflation
  • Fluctuations in the market
  • Lawsuits
  • Charges and fees
  • High loan interests
  • Income taxes
  • And many more

Our primary objective is to work closely with you during this phase in order to provide you with strategies to help you minimize problems and protect and grow your wealth in meeting your financial goals. Some of the issues we work on with you include:

  • Reducing taxes
  • Improving your cash flow
  • Reducing debt
  • Reducing market risks, when possible
  • Eliminating unnecessary charges and fees
  • Increasing protection from a lawsuit, death, disability, job loss, etc. 
  • Obtaining control of your assets

Wealth Enjoyment

During this phase, as you reach retirement, you are no longer working and actively earning income. Your investments and assets from the first phase are now producing the income you will rely on.

We want to make sure that your retirement strategies are designed to work for you, so that you can enjoy your wealth, even under fluctuating economic conditions.

Wealth Distribution

It’s important to realize that there are many circumstances that can derail retirement savings if not planned for ahead of time. These can include:

  • Income taxes
  • Increasing taxes
  • Inflation
  • Penalties
  • Market fluctuations
  • Interest rate changes
  • Lawsuits
  • Health problems

Your financial security and well-being should not be at the mercy of the economic environment around you.

We believe your distribution strategies should be protected during fluctuations in the economic environment. Our objective is to provide you with strategies and solutions to help you protect what’s important to you.

Wealth Preservation

During this last phase, many individuals are thinking about how to efficiently and effectively pass their wealth onto future generations or charities

Wealth Conservation

Without a good preservation plan, your financial legacy can run into many obstacles before reaching those whom you care most about. This can include:

  • Estate taxes
  • Income taxes
  • Complex estate plans
  • Irrevocable decisions
  • Restrictions & Penalties
  • Forced Sale of Assets
  • Probate
  • Life Mortality
  • Lawsuits

We can help provide solutions for a smooth and efficient transition of wealth, minimizing liabilities and maximizing control over your assets. Working closely with you and your team of advisors, we strive to help you achieve your financial goals with estate strategies that accomplish the objectives you believe to be most important for you and your family.

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